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Ground Operations & Cargo

Our Ground Operations & Cargo teams are the heroes behind the scenes. With around 70 long-haul and 250 short-haul flights arriving and departing every day from London Heathrow, our ground staff play a crucial role keeping the British Airways fleet moving and getting customers where they want to go, safely and on time.

At IAG Cargo, you'll be part of one of the world's largest airfreight logistics operations, working across the globally-recognised airlines Aer Lingus, British Airways, Iberia, Level and Vueling.

From antibiotics and gold bullion to avocados and everything in between, you'll be responsible for getting goods to market across the globe and making sure that life-saving medicines go where they’re needed.

Ground Operations

Even though their work is largely unseen, we believe the efforts of our Ground Operations team stand out. It’s impossible to overstate our focus on efficiency and safety. When you work in a Baggage and Logistics role, with the Loading team or in a Critical Services job, you’ll need to be a multi-tasker. This is where team players deliver when the pressure is on.

Join the team

Ground Operations Agent

If you take pride in getting a job done right, this could be the role for you. It's the crucial, unseen baggage handling operation around which every journey revolves. You need to be passionate about delivering a seamless journey for our customers, enjoy both indoor and outdoor shift work, and be comfortable operating in small spaces when the need arises.

Transport Services Agent

You'll play a vital role in our below-the-wing operation and will be responsible for driving our customers to and from the aircraft and terminal buildings. You'll be the final point of contact on the ground for our departing customers, so you’ll leave a lasting memory of their experience with British Airways.

Aircraft Movement Specialist

In this role you’ll be responsible for the safe and efficient pushback and towing of British Airways aircraft. This is a key role in keeping our fleet moving. You’ll also be able to work shifts covering 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Ground Support Services Agent

Working as part of the Critical Services team, you'll be responsible for preparing British Airways aircraft for departure, turnround activities, and carrying out security checks. You'll play a hugely important role in making sure our planes get off the ground on time.

IAG Cargo

IAG Cargo is the cargo division of International Airlines Group (IAG), one of the largest cargo operators in the world, serving key sectors of the global economy. Every year over 700,000 tonnes of cargo is transported across the network. Based at London Heathrow, the UK's largest international airport, you’ll oversee the transport of everything from gold bullion and rock stars’ music equipment, to e-commerce and life-saving drugs.

Cargo Agent – Driver

Joining a fast-paced environment, you’ll drive time-critical cargo units, including freight and cargo containers, to and from the aircraft. It could be supercars one day and vital medicines the next. In fact, if it can fit in an aircraft hold, it’s likely you’ll be handling it.

Cargo Handling Agent – Warehouse

Our dedicated team of highly-trained and skilled Cargo Handlers play a critical role in getting flights off the ground, on time. Our handling facilities at London Heathrow include New Premia - a state-of-the-art, tech-driven, climate-controlled warehouse. It’s where we process premium freight, including temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals, with the help of our market-leading warehouse management system, iCargo.

Cargo Agent – Clerical

Our Cargo Agents quickly and accurately process the documentation of cargo to be transported, making sure every piece of freight gets to the right destination, on time. You’ll be required to interact with customers daily, making you an ambassador for IAG Cargo. If you’re a team player with great communication skills, this role will be a great fit for you.

Hiring process

Online application

It all starts with an application on our careers website, which includes an assessment and safety test.


When you pass the initial screening, we’ll ask you to book a virtual or in-person assessment through the online portal. This involves a series of exercises; reading and following instructions, two scenario discussions, and an individual interview with British Airways colleagues. We’ll also conduct Right to Work checks.

Provisional offer

You'll receive a provisional offer and start date through the application portal and get access to a “Welcome Site” providing you with useful information before joining us.

Pre-employment checks

We'll then start your pre-employment and security checks. You can find further information on this process below.

Pre-course learning

You'll need to complete your pre-course learning prior to your start date. This includes GSAT (General Security Awareness Training). Ground Operations will also need to complete BSAT (Basic Security Awareness Training).

Confirmed offer

You'll receive your confirmed offer and start date through the application portal. We’re committed to hiring the very best talent from across the industry and can’t wait for you to join us.

Pre-employment checks

Our number one priority is to maintain the safety and security of our people and our customers, so these checks are essential for everyone who joins British Airways. They may seem quite complex and time consuming. But don’t worry, we’re here to guide and support you through the entire process, which typically take between 12-16 weeks.

  • You'll need to give us full details of all your previous employers going back five years. This includes recruitment agencies, education, and any gaps in your employment - even if you only worked for them for a few days.
  • Before you join, we'll start contacting the referees you’ve given details of.
  • You'll also need to apply for a Criminal Records Check (CRC) also known as a Disclosure Baring Service certificate (DBS) and an overseas CRC if you have lived abroad for a continuous 6 months in the last five years.
  • Closer to your start date you'll be invited to book an appointment at our Waterside offices to complete your uniform fitting, security interview and psychoactive substance test.