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Heathrow Customer

Our work experience programme is designed for students studying from year 10. We offer 5 day placements across the airline.


Heathrow is our main hub, sometimes compared to a small city. You cannot fail to be impressed by the sheer volume of people and traffic that travel through the airport every day, 365 days a year.

There are several programmes, from service delivery and training to Cabin Crew and Pilots, all of which centre around providing customers with the unique British Airways experience.

Heathrow Customer Services

No two days are ever the same for our Heathrow Customer Services team in Terminal 3 and Terminal 5. These busy and varied roles include checking in, hosting and supporting our customers. We are the airline to connect Britain with the world. Our team is the first point of contact for all customer queries – and the first to resolve them. Team members are in contact with customers from across the globe, often seeing more than 50,000 in a single day.

Here, you’ll assist with tasks which include welcoming customers to the terminal and helping them use our new and improved systems at self-service machines/touchpoints and self-service bag drop. You’ll assist in labelling baggage, ensuring travel documents are correct, boarding customers and welcoming premium customers to our airport lounges. If you’re curious about how things work in a busy airport, this will give you a great introduction – plus, you’ll develop the knowledge to deliver truly great customer service, even on the most testing days.

Training Academy

Based in our dedicated learning centre, the Global Learning Academy (GLA), you’ll work alongside our Learning Operations Duty Managers and Learning Operations Logistics Executives teams to see how training is delivered daily. You’ll also observe our new entrant training and recurrent cabin crew training, as well as learning about the importance of safety and customer service training.


During this unique four-day placement, you’ll engage with our brilliant team of Pilots, as well as with the support team that works with them. Joining a cohort of up to 30 students, you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of what it’s like to be a Pilot at British Airways. You’ll learn about flight training, go airside at Terminal 5 to understand pre-flight procedures and have the chance to go gliding, in partnership with The Air League Trust.

Cabin Crew

This programme is focused on the unique British Airways experience our customers receive onboard our aircraft. That puts the spotlight on our Cabin Crew community, but there are many other departments and ground colleagues who work tirelessly as one team on projects behind the scenes, driving positive change and implementing new ways of working for our Cabin Crew.

During this placement, you’ll gain an insight into the vibrant life of Cabin Crew. This will include observing and taking part in our intensive new entrant training for Cabin Crew. You’ll also spend time in Terminal 5, our hub, which will give you a glimpse behind the scenes.

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