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Heathrow Corporate and Support Functions

Our work experience placements are 5 days long and are aimed at students in year 10 or above


In our corporate and support functions, a lot of the magic happens, new technologies are developed, revenue streams are discovered, and new customer initiatives are designed to surprise and delight our global customer base.

Community Investment

The Community Investment team looks after our charity partnership with Comic Relief, called Flying Start. Since 2010, as a company, we’re proud to have raised over £24 million through fundraising on the ground and collecting donations from our passengers in the air.

During this placement, you will support our British Airways colleagues with all their fundraising needs; this may include organising resources for fundraisers or creating posters to promote events. You will also be involved with events management for upcoming fundraising events, assisting with the preparation to ensure they run smoothly on the night.


Our brilliant people are the heartbeat of our airline and we’re proud to set our sights on achieving great things in the future which means growing and developing our business, together. Our Resourcing team are responsible for the whole recruitment journey for all external vacancies at British Airways.

During your placement, you’ll have the chance to observe the planning and application processes with our Talent Acquisition Managers, the assessment design process with our Assessment Team and work with our Candidate Engagement Team who are the point of contact for all candidate activities and queries. You may also support with preparations on interview days, meet and greet candidates and perform a range of activities to prepare the candidates become employees in BA; as well as supporting the Inspire team with welcoming the next generation into considering a career in aviation.

Central Analytics

Central Analytics is the mind-blowing discipline of applying advanced analytical techniques that help us make better decisions. The team provide valuable insights, by analysing extremely complex data. They read the patterns, spot the trends, and provide commercial advice on virtually every customer focused initiative. Major internal clients include Revenue Management, Strategy, Commercial, Sales, Customer Experience, Operations, Engineering and Network Planning.

During this placement, you’ll work primarily on a real project using key analytical techniques in Microsoft Excel. You will be exposed to the daily life of the teams and the work that they do. You will attend team and departmental meetings. And, you will finish the week by presenting your project insights.

IAG World Cargo - Operations Business

IAG World Cargo is one of world’s biggest freight transport companies. It moves a huge range of cargo to more than 350 destinations worldwide. Join us and you’ll take on real work scenarios as well gaining exposure to the different business areas within the team. Every year we transport half a million tonnes of cargo, from business shipments to aid to disaster zones. Operations Business is a rotational programme that involves working with a different team every day over the 5 days. You will gain an insight into operational areas, functions and support them with administrative tasks, as well as participate in team meetings.

Some of our various different teams include:

  • Revenue Management - This team is responsible for managing inventory for the business. They make commercial decisions every minute, of every day, these decisions impact on capacity and optimise the highest possible contribution to the business and its bottom line.
  • Strategy Business Development - This area that develops the strategy for Cargo working on pioneering projects to help us achieve our ambitious goals, this team is responsible for a whole raft of projects, from technology to infrastructure.
  • Trucking and Partnership - This team work with procurement to run tenders and negotiate contracts. You will have the opportunity to observe supplier meetings and complete invoice checks.
  • Other areas of the placement include Sales, Product and Innovations.

IAG World Cargo - Business Insights

This is a relatively new area for most businesses and focuses on utilising data we as a company generate. The Business Insight team produces countless reports in a useable format that managers and team leaders use to understand business performance. For you, it means the chance to spend time with the team who are predominantly Operational Research, Computer or IT specialists. You’ll gain an insight of how we use data to problem-solve, and observe how the team quickly identify and deliver the right information to the business. They use analytics tools such as Tableau, or SQL coding or excel macros.

IAG World Cargo - Finance

Our Finance team work across the business to helps us make effective commercial decisions - be it building a new warehouse or evaluating the cost of a ground handler in Bogota in Columbia, to assessing how much a new product line might be worth in the coming years.

During this placement, you will have exposure to the various areas of Finance including Accounting and Reporting, Commercial Finance, Operations Finance and Network. You will see first-hand how the teams prepare presentations and reports that are circulated to the Cargo business; understand how we generate revenue and where in the world our sales are made. You will have a chance to analyse the performance of freight items that are shipped, or tonnes of cargo that pass through the warehouse. You will be shown how we calculate the number of people needed for the operation each week and evaluate the costs associated with running each warehouse. You will also be exposed to how we analyse the schedules which each of the airlines flies, which helps us evaluate what capacity is available for cargo. Phew!

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