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I never wanted a soft option; I wanted a Logistics career where I was given responsibility and valued for what I bring to the business. I’m in the right place at IAG Cargo.

I’m on a graduate scheme that involves changing roles every six months. That’s not a lot of time to get our feet under the table and it can be deep-end stuff. But that’s the kind of challenge I relish and it provides a fast learning experience. I’ve had to make high-impact decisions while still being new to a role. And I’ve had to be bold in getting more experienced colleagues to change either the way they work or their point of view.

I’ve had to make high-impact decisions while still being new to a role.

My first role was in Revenue Management, working on market pricing for Latin America. I looked at external trends to set prices at which freight capacity should be sold, reporting on how and why the region was performing against commercial targets. Understanding macroeconomics, the import/export balance and the impact of exchange rates on global trade was key. I was seen as the Latin America expert and I once had to present my thoughts on the region’s air freight market to 75 colleagues.

Then I moved to the Supply Chain, which manages all the containers used for freight as well as baggage. It’s been my job to forecast how many containers are needed for each station in each region. Get it wrong and flights will be delayed, or passengers will land without baggage – both scenarios tarnishing our reputation for delivering a great customer journey.

No pressure, then, as they say! But, as you might have gathered, that’s something I enjoy. Empowerment. Autonomy. The opportunity to make key decisions. They’re why I joined IAG Cargo.

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