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We’re going down the route of providing more personalised communications to our known customers, providing them with content that we know to be relevant to them. Whether that’s information which will be useful for a trip or something that will inspire them to make a booking, it’s all about driving customer satisfaction.

I manage some of our direct channels including the home page of and a newsletter to our frequent fliers called The Club, as well as overseeing the creation of new customer propositions. I interact with a range of stakeholders and I’m among the first to know about all the exciting things happening in the business, before spreading the news – I led the communication for our new lounges. But the flow of information is not all one way; customers can teach us so many things!

I’m among the first to know about all the exciting things happening in our business.

This is my second role on the Commercial scheme; my first was very different and it’s important to be able to adapt to the workings of each department. I was an Atlantic Joint Price Analyst in Revenue Management, which involved monitoring my markets and reacting to competitor pricing. Whereas now I work on multiple projects, there I tended to stick to just one at a time. The work was quite complex, the initial software training was intense and I once had to present a strategy to most of the department – a bit daunting, to say the least!

My first day seems like yesterday and many of the Commercial graduate intake have become firm friends. At the end of last year we all got together to showcase and celebrate our successes – a brilliant day. I’m now involved in the induction of new joiners. And the first thing I show them? Our museum so they can appreciate British Airways’ wonderful history and heritage.

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