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Come and Meet us

Meet and greet with British Airways at careers events and fairs


Virtual Inspire Academy

At the moment we can't come and meet you, but we are designing a new campaign for the coming weeks so that you can continue to develop and grow - in collaboration with The Air League. The virtual resources are bitesize sessions, and will have a focus each week to help you develop your employability as well as knowledge around aviation. 

Week 1: Employability

Monday 30th March (5 mins)

Today's session is about creating a lasting first impression. Watch the video to hear why first impressions are so important and how to make a lasting impression.

First Impressions Video

Tuesday 31st March (10-15 mins)

Today's session is about understanding what skills mean. Complete the anonymous quiz to see how many skills you know!

Skills Quiz

Wednesday 1st April (20 mins)

This session focuses on what your top five skills are. If you haven't completed the Skills Quiz from yesterday - this is a great starting point. Watch the video to create your mindmap on your top skills.

Your Top Skills Mindmap

Thursday 2nd April (30 mins)

Today's session looks into your hobbies and interests, and which skills you use for each of them. Watch the video and create a table based on your hobbies, and how they link to being employable. 

Linking hobbies to Skills Video

Join us tomorrow, where we will be hearing from our colleagues to see which skills they use in their roles.