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Meet Andy

Andy’s one of our Senior Commercial Analysts who loves his job as much as he loves travelling


Meet Andy - Senior Commercial Analyst 

I have a strategic role, with an iconic name in an exciting and complex industry, taking on projects that are varied, fast-paced and time-critical. To say I’m in my element would be an under-statement!

My analysis influences multi-million pound decisions in the world’s largest aviation market

I’ve always been fascinated with flying and the airline industry. Before joining British Airways, I was an Operational Analyst at National Air Traffic Services (NATS) where I worked on projects including the optimisation of the Heathrow runway capacity. Now I’m a Senior Commercial Analyst in a team that’s valued for its expertise across British Airways.

I liaise with our Commercial Sales teams and Portfolio Managers across the globe to maximise revenue and also report on our multi-brand performance. It’s hugely rewarding that my analysis influences multi-million pound decisions in the world’s largest aviation market – decisions that affect the way millions of customers fly with us each year, which is pretty breathtaking when you think about it.

And the projects I work on? That could be anything and everything, so there’s never a dull moment. How would a major sporting event such as the Olympics, or something like a US presidential election affect our customers and revenues? I have to find the answers and, as you might imagine, that means handling a vast amount of complex and sensitive data, whether that’s how a customer booked their ticket and how much they paid to market share data and our performance against competitors on a certain route.

I love my job, but I also love to travel. My partner and I once snorkelled the Great Barrier Reef. Seeing a green sea turtle was incredible, but I got a bit too close to comfort with box jellyfish!

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