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Humans of BA - Marcel

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Marcel Devereux - Worldwide Fleet Cabin Crew

"As a kid, growing up in our family was always interesting because my dad and all his brothers worked for BEA/BOAC and later British Airways, at one time or another.

I would sit there and listen to their tales of trips they had been on - ranging from inter-Europe trips on Viscounts stopping in Rome, Catania, Malta and Tripoli, to 28-day trips down to New Zealand via Los Angeles, Honolulu and Fiji and various exotic destinations.

Out of the five brothers, four were Cabin Crew and one worked in catering. Of the four flyers, Matt was Cabin Crew for BEA, later BA, Chris was Cabin Crew for BEA, then joined BA and worked on Concorde. He also started the British Airways Cabin Crew entertainment society in 1970 which is still going strong!

Jimmy was Cabin Crew at BOAC and then BA, and Gerry was Cabin rew at BOAC and then went on to become Tristar fleet manager. Sean Devereux worked in catering and later worked in a BA restaurant called Kites near Hatton Cross. Jimmy’s daughter, Gerry’s two daughters and Sean’s two sons also all joined British Airways.

Finally, after listening to all the stories from my dad and uncles, I decided I wanted to join BA. At 17 I was too young to apply for Cabin Crew, so I joined BA in revenue accounts, and at 18 I transferred to foreign currency cashiers in Tristar House. At 20, I applied and was successful in joining the BA Tristar fleet, on which I flew for just over a year, before transferring to Eurofleet for 29 years, and then last October I moved over to the Worldwide fleet. At one time we had 10 Devereuxs working for BA in one department or another which was a record, which I believe stands to this day!"

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