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Humans of BA - Edoardo

Humans of British Airways, Edoardo, Customer Service


Edoardo Battaglini - Customer Experience Representative

I first flew British Airways when I was five years old and took my first flight to South America. My mum is Brazilian and my father is Italian. I grew up in Italy, and as a child I was always travelling between Europe and Brazil.

I fell in love with airports and airplanes, and started to build my own airport at home with the airplane models you could buy on board. My favourite movie when I was younger was Mary Poppins – I fell in love with British culture, and the British hospitality and kindness stayed in my heart.

I was working in luxury fashion as an accounting manager but something was missing in my life. I wanted to be part of a great British brand and contribute to flying the flag around the world for my favourite airline, and my dream came true last year when I joined British Airways at aged 40. I’m so happy working - with extraordinary colleagues, and having a lot of fun every day!